about me

 My name is Tomasz Sciazko and as 95% of this texts readers, I am an enthusiast of low frequencies. I am a bassoholic and I can’t imagine my life without a bass guitar. As most of you, I have spent many years searching for a perfect musical instrument for me. As a young bass player, I played  low – budget, no name instruments, which  disturbed the playing rather than helped my learning process. My father shared his jazz passion with me so I decided to join The Cracow School of Jazz and Popular Music. Associating with professional musicians there, I met many great people – among them bass players, who helped me broaden my horizons not only in terms of music but also in terms of musical instruments. I had a chance to play professional bass guitars, which allowed me to develop my individual preferences. Although, I was connected with some instruments for a long time, none of them suited me 100%. After few years on stage, I started to work in one of the most recognizable German company that produces bass guitars. Even more opportunities opened for me. Under the “Compare Our Instruments with Others” program I had a pleasure to play dozen of instruments from the World’s biggest companies. I played instruments from low, mid and the top shelf, guitars with different sound and manual quality. Some of them were worth as much as trip to the Moon, however – contrary to expectations – they weren’t perfect. At times I even felt disappointed. These guitars charmed me with their sound scale, others with comfort of playing and some were as expensive as a dream car that I couldn’t afford because of my earnings. Opportunities related to designing and building bass guitars, allowed me to combine the greatest features of known instruments together and create my own. Professional opinions and suggestions of the greatest bass players of the world that I had pleasure to meet, definitely influenced the overall project and allowed me to create Supra Bass Guitars, that I am honoured to present you.

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